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Public Relations

Think of it in terms of public relationships. Reburn-Julia Associates works with the client to define the message, refine the message, and effectively communicate the message to its publics. In the process, we turn stakeholders into believers and believers into advocates. It’s the Reburn-Julia method: Define. Refine. Communicate. Nothing fancy (we save the flair for the output); just effective.

Helping clients of all sizes realize their communications goals, Reburn-Julia Associates can deliver talent to the boardroom or the kitchen table. Our goal is to make our clients look good and prosper with the aid of compelling communications. Satisfaction is paramount.

The job is never the same twice. It is unique; brought by the client with specific needs; demanding individualized attention. Throw away the cookie cutter. At Reburn-Julia, we assemble a team of associates customized with the talent necessary to get the job done…and done well.

RJ associates are innovative, service-oriented and loaded with talent. They are gifted with both the spoken and the written word. Our guarantee to you: We instill quality and professionalism in everything we do… and we’ll add a little flair.






What They're Saying

"It has turned out terrific... thanks. I really appreciate what you and the rest of the team have done."
JIM A. (KY) 01.19.07


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